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This is an eclectic site about lots of things It's a place to ask questions, solve problems, research stuff, and collect useful/interesting information.

Currently, 1,357 articles reside on this site. This is the result of 15,452 edits.

You are welcome to add your own questions, insights, and contributions to this site, or feel free to just look around!

This wiki is currently read-only while it undergoes some major maintenance. It may be this way for some time yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mission statement

To organize everything

To organize the world's information and make it more useful to people who want to use it

(Suspiciously similar to Google's mission statement, I know... but I think I (we) can do a much better job of organizing information (although on a much smaller scale) than Google can.)

To spread the truth, and counteract the spread of misinformation

The truth is infinitely more important than the status quo
Getting the truth out to as many as will listen (quick before I'm labeled a dissenter and my voice is squelched!).

Politically correctness, I detest you ... (if you get in the way of truth)!

Truthfulness, honesty, openness, transparency ... those are some of the core values I believe in.

Did you know that most hackers are good people, not malicious villains as they are often portrayed to be?

Did you know that the free software movement is as much about the freedom to modify and inspect software as it is about it not costing money?

Questions are worth asking

Why Not Ask Why? Why can't...?, Why is...?, Why does...?, How does...work?, Since when...?, Who...?, Is it really true...?, Can...?

Question what is. Ask yourself why it is. Research things for yourself. Ask questions. Be inquisitive. Freely inquire. Seek the truth.

Ask dumb questions! You'll be the less stupid for asking!
These are the "pillars" of WhyNotWiki, the working manifesto, if you will, for why it exists.

(Read more about this site and its goals on the about page...)

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