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Many are concerned for God's cause in China, being worried over the matter of religious liberty. Their attention needs to be directed to the greatest need of God's people today--to overcome the flood of worldliness which engulfs them. And this danger is most real in countries which boast of their "freedoms," among which the freedom to sin has become a plague, infecting even Christian institutions.



Eating and spending time with Jesus / in the Word

Once we eat bread (or any other food), it goes into our bodies and we don't need to do anything more for it to be digested and work within us. In the same way, when we "eat" "spiritual bread"/Jesus, it is not our responsibility to make sure it does its thing after we have eaten it.

Our duty is simply to partake of it (Jesus/his Word) on a regular basis (three meals per day?). God will take care of the details. He will make sure that this "food" has an effect on us. We don't need to worry about it. The Holy Spirit will take care of the "digesting" process (working in our hearts, convicting us of sin, change us to be more like the Jesus we behold in the Bible) if we will take care of the eating. (Credit for this idea goes to Pastor Lee Venden, who has shared it in several sermons, including the one on 2007-03-31.)

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