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Recurring mistakes

"choose 2" => "used to"


More mistakes while already correcting other mistakes

One of the most frustrating mistakes it makes is when it misrecognizes me while I'm already trying to correct a previous mistake. Now I not only have the original mistake to correct, but I also have the new mistake to correct then I have to get back to the point where I can correct the first mistake.

2006-04-29 — "use one"

I said "choose one" but it thought as I said "use one".

Another time, it's thought that I said "on".


2006-05-24 — "dash" (--)

I said "dash". It wrote "crash". I said "correct that". If it hadn't listed "--" as one of its options, what could I have done to train it to hear that sound as "--"?

2006-04-17 — I Cantori

I tried to dictate "I Cantori"

It first recognized it as "each Cantori".

I corrected that to "I Cantori" and trained it so it would know the difference.

But next time I tried dictating I Cantori, it recognized it as E. Cantori. Yes, that sounds identical, but it's not what I want. I tried to train it the difference.

First I told it how to pronounce I Cantori.
Then I was about to tell it how to pronounce E. Cantori when I realized that it would sound identical and it wouldn't help Dragon at all to tell the difference between them. What would help would be if I could tell it: "don't ever interpret those sounds as that spelling again". But I don't know how to do that. So I dictated "E. Cantori" as "e dot cantori".

Next time I tried dictating it, it gave me: "E. Kant Tori". No!

I tried training the difference again. I don't want it to ever interpret those sounds as that spelling, but I have no choice, so I tried to enunciate "E. Kant Tori" as best I could so it would not sound the same as "I Cantori".

I tried again and got "E. Kant Tori" again. No!

I didn't try to correct that. (Because I couldn't. I was dictating in Thunderbird and switched focus to this document. When I switched back and said "correct that", it told me "You must first dictate or select some text." Stupid!)

I tried dictating again and got "he can Tori". No!

I didn't try to correct that. (Couldn't)

I tried dictating again and got "he can Tori". No!

2006-04-26 — "upbringing"

It misheard me when I said "upbringing". I tried to train it so that it would be sure to recognize it correctly the next time I said it. But it made me train "app bringing" in addition to "upbringing". The problem is, "app bringing" isn't even a word. I didn't want to train a non-word. I don't want it to ever recognize what I say as the letters "app bringing". Instead, I want to teach it that "app bringing" is not an option and that it should never even consider using it again.

Sure, I can delete "app" from its vocabulary, but I may want to use that word in other contexts. I do not, however, ever want to use it in "app bringing".

2006-04-30 — "i'm a little curious"

Should have been: i'm a little curious (When you click Train, it intelligently capitalizes the I: "I'm a little curious". That's good, because I was a little worried that I would have to tell it how it "looks" and not just how it sounds.)

Was recognized as: I will little case (yo, Dragon: don't ever recognize those words again in that arrangement!)

2006-04-30 — "going to explain that"

Should have been: going to explain that

Was recognized as: current exploit meant
Correction list: 1: going to explain that
Okay, so it was its second choice. That's good. But: How did the other one possibly become its first choice??

2006-04-30 — "write me"

Should have been: write me

Was recognized as: rage may
Correction list: 1: write me

2006-04-30 — "gonna"

Should have been: gonna

Was recognized as: get a (and a bunch of other things)
I had the hardest time trying to get it to learn the word "gonna". It simply refused to learn, no matter how many times I trained it. I must've tried to at least 20 times. How frustrating! Why won't it learn that word? Has anyone else succeeded in teaching it that word? What's the trick?

Sort of like how I can't train the word "I Cantori".

2006-06-28 — "answering machine"

was recognized as: hamstring machine

the correct spelling was not in correction list

2006-06-28 — "rather than a"

was recognized as: rather than I

It obviously recognized that it may be an "a" sound (they, lay, ...).

"correct that" yielded:

  • rather than I
  • rather than they
  • rather then I
  • rather than I.
  • rather than lay
  • rather that I
  • rather than LA
  • rather than I've
  • rather than I'd

2006-06-28 — "what a waste of ink"

was recognized as: what a waste of inning

"correct of inning" yielded:


2006-06-28 — "what a waste of ink"

Was recognized as: what a waste of Inc.

"correct Inc." yielded:


I tried to add "ink" as a new word, but it said "This word is already in the vocabulary". Okay, idiot, then why don't you show it in the correction list for "Inc."? — or better yet, recognize it correctly the first time!

2006-06-28 — "bring"

Attempt 1

Was recognized as: brain

Correct spelling was in the correction list (position 2)

Trained both words.

Attempt 2

Was recognized as: brain

Correct spelling was in the correction list (position 1)

Trained both words.

Attempt 3

Recognized it correctly!

Attempt 4

Was recognized as: grain

Correct spelling was not in the correction list

Trained both words.

Attempt 5

Was recognized as: Grange

Correct spelling was not in the correction list

Trained both words (although I don't want it to ever recognize Grange as a word again).

Attempt 6

Was recognized as: grained

Correct spelling was not in the correction list

Trained both words (although I don't want it to ever recognize grained as a word again).

Attempt 7-11

Recognized it correctly!

2006-07-08 — "the IP" misrecognized as "VIP"

2006-07-08 — "forensic" misrecognized as "friends sick"

2006-07-23 — "spell cap Y" misrecognized as "both Why"

Correct option was not on the list. Should I spell in the correction as "spell cap y", "spell Y", or "Y", "cap Y", or something else?

I typed in "spell cap y" and it told me to record the pronunciation for both of these:

spell cap y spell cap yankee
both why both cap why

So it looks like it's sufficiently smart. The question remains, however, whether the "spell" that I corrected here will influence the command "spell" or just the dictation of that word.

2006-07-24 — "correct of the" misrecognized as "crack of the"

"correct of the" was listed in the correction list, so I selected it, but then it inserted that as text rather than treating it as a command as I had intended.

2006-07-24 — "during" misrecognized as "gearing"

The correct option was not listed.

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