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Aliases: Movie filter, Movie filter software, Clean movie player, Movie filter player, Film filter, Filterable media player, Media player with ability to play a playlist of media fragments

It only takes one 30-second scene to take what would otherwise be an excellent, praiseworthy movie and, well ... ruin it.

There are so many movies out there that, excluding their offensive scenes, are really good movies. It seems a shame to discount and avoid watching all of them simply because of that tiny 1% of the film's material. (I'll be quick to admit that there are many worthless movies that have a far higher percentage of garbage -- like 75%.)

If only there were a way to strip out those offensive scenes... and just watch what's left. The movie would still be watchable and enjoyable -- because, as I've said, most of the movie is clean -- it would just be a couple minutes shorter, that's all.


What I actually want

A software media / DVD player that I can use on my computer. It should work with recorded movies too. You should be able to just tell it what movie you're playing, synchronize it to the beginning, and it will apply the filter based on pre-recorded timings.

It should work with audio media as well as video:

  • Could use it to program skip filters for podcasts, for example, that skips the ads, so that if you listen to it again, or if you share it with others, then you (or others) don't have to listen to the ads again...

Solution: VLC Player / VideoLAN

VLC Player is an open-source media/DVD player -- the only one that I know -- which is exactly what I need. VideoLAN developers - VLC media player


To do

  • Get it to compile
  • Start hacking the source
  • Add the features I want

Existing products

I didn't expect something like this to exist, but I discovered (on 2006-12-03) that several products like this do actually exist:

FamilySafe Movies

They let you rent (NetFlix-style mail-delivery rental) or "edit your own" movies (pay per edit?).

It looks rather expensive.

Edit your own movie

Limitation: "You MUST already own an original copy of this title"

Don't understand how it works (technically). They don't explain it very well.

Price is $15... one time or per movie??

MaxPlay clean movie DVD player (hardware)

  • has screenshots available
  • has an informative video available [watch again and get quotes from it]


  • $99 -- seems like a good price.
  • "You can customize the filtration settings each time you watch a movie."


  • You're dependent on them to produce the filters. (But they claim "New Filters available within 48 hours of release." so that's pretty good.)
  • You can't make your own filters probably
  • Additional filters cost money. "The first ninety days of filter subscription service is included in your MaxPlay purchase. After that you can subscribe for $49.00 per year, or purchase individual movie filters for $2 each. Even if you choose neither of these options the more than 1000 pre-loaded filters remain available for your continued use."

Clear-Play $59.99 Edit your movies. Our DVD players edit offensive scenes and language.

Plugged In Online




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