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My GNU/Linux system  edit   (Category  edit)



2007-10-26: At 7:07, I woke up to hear the sound of my computer restarting. I have no idea why it restarted. I certainly don't remember telling it to.

Unresolved problems


Just starting nautilus/gvim/gnome-terminal can take several seconds...

tablet support is flakey

It won't let me go all the way to the edge of the screen sometime (any edge). Have to "reset" its knowledge of extents by going to the opposite edge.

I suspect it's trying to do relative detection rather than absolute?

How to record and play back simultaneously

I ought to be able to simply tell it "record whatever is being played/output right now". But I can't seem to find that option.

I could run dubbing cables from line-out to line-in, keep my speakers in the speakers jack, and record line-in?

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