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This page is for sites that are nice/good in at least one way:

  • Sites that have a nice/pretty design -- sites that are visually nice. (See also Pretty designs!)
  • Sites that have good content, etc.

Good web sites  edit   (Category  edit)

Nice web sites  edit   (Category  edit)


star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif

A great project site. Very clean, organized.

Nice, clean design.

  • Section headers
  • Colors
  • Sidebar

Good content and organization. : Nice "about me" page, very large, organized, and comprehensive, like something I would do

  • Geek code block
  • Contact info
  • Links to personal web sites, his LinkedIn, etc. profiles

  • Documents available in many formats: DocBook, HTML, PDF, PS, RTF, TEX and ALL

If you want to thank me because my packages have saved you already a lot of work, or if one of my tools is making your work much more enjoyable (or even indirectly got you a raise!) If people praise your wisdom, but you actually copied it directly from my website, you owe me bigtime :-)


  • Anything to add/change to this page? Send me your thoughts!

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif

Pretty. Nice, fun (pastel?) color palette. Nice photo for the header.

Pacific Press

I think it has an attractive home page. The overlapping boxes and large photo (which blends into the other graphic element) are largely to blame for this. Still, I'd only rate this page a star_full.gif star_full.gif star_half.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif.


A great example of a [collaborative database (category)] site. It has user ratings, tags, etc. for each game in its database. It has nice collapsible sections. It has sections that are editable wiki content.

It has structured information:

  • Designed By: (Uncredited)
  • Published By: Parker Brothers
    1. of Players: 4
  • Playing Time: 45 Minutes
  • Mfg Suggested Ages: 18 and up
  • Category: Word
  • Mechanics: N/A
  • Other Names: N/A

"Understanding beyond your textbook"

This site is about understanding concepts using clear, intuitive insights. I want to put my “a-ha!” epiphanies into your head; a website was the best non-surgical option. Read more...

Good name. Great idea. And great explanations.

Content/topics: math, web development, The Quick Guide to GUIDs, etc.

Nice project web sites

Nice project web sites edit

Not strictly limited to project sites. Basically anything that's not a personal site. Company sites/blogs, for example, would also (currently) go here.

  • Colorful
  • Simple

Plone's pages for Plone add-ons

Has a separate column for stable and experimental (beta, alpha) releases:

  • Simply says "No stable release available yet." (with lots of white space) in the Stable Versions column if there are no stable releases
  • Provides helpful explanations/warnings under "Experimental releases" column:
    • (Upcoming and alpha/beta/candidate releases)
    • Alpha releases should only be used for testing and development.
    • Beta releases and Release Candidates are normally released for production testing, but should not be used on mission-critical sites.
    • Always install on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.
  • Makes it very clear which version you should download if you want stable and which if you want the cutting edge


Download page

I like how they show multiple download options in a pretty intuitive and concise manner: a main download link (nice icon) "or" [select a mirror from a dropdown] "or" SourceForge.

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif Patent Commons

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif Openads

The whole site has a nice, clean, organized feel to it -- not just the home page. Nice use of colors. Nice simple tour, but with links to the demo site or the extensive documentation if you want more.

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif OpenPrinting

I thought their home page was very informative. Maybe it's just the fact that the information on the site is so useful, but I think their nicely organized home page might have helped too. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

They have these major sections:

  • OpenPrinting: Overview of site...
    • Many, many links included within the paragraphs (inline links). Takes a big site and makes it more manageable/accessible to the average visitor by providing links to many of the most used/useful sections of the site.
      • "Looking for configuration or driver help? "
        • Try our CUPS Quick Start
        • or look for your printer in the OpenPrinting Database.
        • For more detail, try Till's Tutorial.
        • If all else fails, ask a human in the forums.
      • "Researching a printer purchase?"
        • Start with suggested printers,
        • or browse our database.
      • "Looking for software?"
        • We host Foomatic,
        • printer driver packages,
        • and some other programs.
      • "Want to help?"
        • Here's how.
  • Make distribution-independent printer driver packages with the LSB DDK! [For developers]
  • Announcements/News
  • For Developers
    • The Goal
    • How the goal is achieved

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif

A nice clean and simple site. Happy colors. Doesn't feel cluttered. "Active Reload: We build web applications" "Warehouse — Subversion Browser"

I like their background image (on both sites) -- it's nice and textured, not just a plain flat color -- gives the page a bit of warmth and liveness. Lighthouse: Simple hosted Issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management software.

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif Mono Moonlight ,

  • Very graphically pretty
  • The top navigation/heading area especially:
    • Nice logo
    • Main links are "start", "use", "contribute", and "need help" -- rollover effect is attractive
    • Another box with "screenshots", "manuals & docs", "download now", and "blogs" (each of these has an icon)
    • Asymmetrical wavy green line instead of the usual symmetrical, blocky look
  • [Powered by MediaWiki (category)] -- I wouldn't have been able to tell! (The usual edit, talk, log-in, etc. links are absent. I take that back -- it has a "Create an account or log in" link at the bottom.)

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif Git

Very simple, but very clean and attractive. I like.

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_full.gif Mozilla Developer Center

[Powered by MediaWiki (category)]

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif dokuwiki

Organized well into sections with bullet points:

About DokuWiki * A feature list :!: * Happy Users * Who wrote about it * What Bloggers think * Compare it with other wiki software Installing DokuWiki * System Requirements * Download DokuWiki :!: * Change Log * How to install or upgrade :!: * Configuration Using DokuWiki * Wiki Syntax * The manual :!: * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) * Glossary * Search for DokuWiki help and documentation Customizing DokuWiki * Tips and Tricks * How to create and use templates * Installing plugins * Development Resources DokuWiki Feedback and Community * Join the mailing list :!: * Check out the user forum * Talk to other users in the IRC channel * Submit bugs and feature wishes * Share your experiences in the WikiMatrix forum * Some humble thanks


star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif dev-utils The Ruby dev-utils Project

Pretty well organized. Sections:

  • Internet Links
  • Installation Instructions
  • Administrivia

In the header, it says require 'dev-utils' -- which I think is a neat marketing trick to subconsciously remind people how easy it is to start using this library (just require that file and you're good to go).

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif F-Spot

This project site isn't great because of any design-related niceness. Rather, I like it because of its very nice prose. The candor and openness of the author is also very exemplary.

Examples of good writing (c)

Specifically: nice prose (c). Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Schema Mania is a place for people who like (or need, or are just good at) database designs. It's completely non-profit, dependent on the enthusiasm of its visitors and the talent of its contributors. ... Schema Mania was conceived as a repository of database designs. You'd be able to come here, browse for a database design in your "problem space". With luck, you'd find something at least similar to what you had in mind. You'd download it, adapt it to your needs, and be happy. would be a web of database designs, if you will. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Much of the technology that Schema Mania needs is not ready for general use. What's available is nascent; the rest is missing. However valuable the concept might be, Schema Mania lacks both software and standards. It thus became part of Schema Mania's goal to bring together people of various disciplines, to help them find each other and create better tools. ... Pictures are, as Confucius never said, worth a thousand words in this regard. A picture of a database is very helpful for human beings who want to understand the design. For implementation, though, we need a way to communicate the picture to the database. Later on (or, sometimes, earlier on), it's nice to have a way to convert existing database designs into pictures. We need, in other words, an intelligent picture, one that can be created from words and converted to words. We need it, but it doesn't exist. Not yet, not quite. It's hardly news that file formats for pictures abound on the web. JPEG, PNG, you name it, the web does graphics. What these formats have in common is that they treat the picture as a block of dots. To the extent that they can be said to contain information, that information is only useful to the program that displays the picture. They are to intelligent diagrams as a fax is to email: Understandable and useful to the human being, but intractable, just a blob of dots. ... The great thing about standards, as some wag said, is that there are so many to pick from. Pictures have not stopped at the blob-of-dots dead end. The W3C developed Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML derivative. And there's a little-heralded part of the Gnome Office called Dia. [...] Dia shapes can be described with SVG, and the whole Dia diagram is stored as XML according to a freely available DTD. In a market defined as "free software to create diagrams stored in a published XML format", Dia is alone. It has no competition. Dia is short for "Diagram". [...] A blob of dots it's certainly not. Dia makes intelligent pictures. ... For Schema Mania to become what it was conceived as, Dia (or something like it, but there is nothing else like it) is a sine qua non. But Dia needs more database intelligence, and it needs more and better conversion tools. In a bootstrappy way, it became Schema Mania's immediate purpose to do what it can to facilitate these events, to convert hope into reality. Schema Mania aims to coordinate links and information about the disparate efforts to bring Dia to databases. If you know of such an effort, send me a link and a note about what you think about it. I'll add it to the collection. ... By the way, "databases" means relational databases. [...] At this point in the history of technology, relational databases are widespread, well-understood, entrenched, and unchallenged. The envisioned population of Schema Maniacs have relational designs to use and share. No offense intended to enthusiasts of more enlightened database architectures. ... Because XMI can hold information about object models generally, it's a bit heavyweight for holding simple relational models. But it might suit our purpose. ... About the author. Not much to say, really. If you know me, you might find my helter-skelter home page handy (or not). By day I work as a quantitative analyst; Schema Mania is strictly a hobby. Well, it's also a passion, because hobbies should be passions, after all.

Locus Focus: RAM Locus Focus — RAM : Vision is where you look for it.

  • Different icons for "new features" and "bug fixes"; these are used as the bullet symbol for bulleted lists
  • Pull quotes: Quite round and organic; and it appears to come out of not just the guy's name but also his photo

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif

[Pretty designs (category)]

They have a very different design from most sites. Most sites use rectangles (with rounded corners if you're lucky); they use circles! Scandalous.

Template:5 stairs Videolan's Wiki

[Wiki-based (category)][Pretty designs (category)]


  • Very attractive
  • Various boxes, like Wikipedia portal sites
    • 2 wide boxes at top
    • 3 vertical boxes below that
  • Each box is a different color -- pleasant pastel colors

Very well documented. Very complete.

Could be organized a bit better, but is decently so...

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif Semantic MediaWiki

[Well organized (category)]

Sections (boxes):

  • Introduction (big box)
    • Scope of the project
    • The Semantic MediaWiki extension
  • Current participants [Not sure why this is important to have on the front page]
  • News and events
  • Where we are now
    • Problem statement
    • Related work
    • Background: Ontologies and the Semantic Web
  • What we want
    • Overall goals
    • Requirements
    • Envisaged applications
  • How we plan to do it
  • Project phase

  • They really try to involve people; they ask for your ideas, what requirements you consider important

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif

  • Clean and attractive
  • Compelling marketing claims. ("state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability")
  • Organization: "Welcome" and "Welcome Back" sections
  • Categories idea appears to be copied from MediaWiki (f.e.,

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif

  • Very clean and attractive
  • Images
  • Boxes
  • Vertical lines

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif Aptana

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif

I like how it answers all of these questions that people are likely to have -- all on one page even!

  • What is pastebin?
  • And this is all free?
  • Can I get the source?
  • I have some feedback, who do I contact?

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif

Welcome to The Community PluginAWeek Documentation Project

What am I doing here?

Well, our best guess is that you're looking for more information on our plugins or want to contribute some caveats, tricks, or other related information. If that's the case, then you're at the right place (if it's not, check out our blog and go from there). If you want to contribute to the wiki, please first sign up for an account. Also, make sure you search for the information before adding it to the wiki. It may be that someone else has already contributed the same information, but it hasn't been categorized correctly yet.

So where to go from here?

We've categorized each released plugin based on the component that it uses/affects. If you can't find a certain plugin, you can either look in the "Miscellaneous" categories or use the search on the left. Note: Unreleased plugins will not be documented anywhere on the PluginAWeek wiki/blog/trac (unless you're sneaky ;)).

For a summary of every plugin that has been released so far, see Plugin Summaries.

For a more complete listing of everything available in this wiki, you can browse all of the categories or pages.


  • Tells the user what they might be interested in, what they can do on this wiki...
  • Pretty organized
  • There's a nice list of categories floated to the right of the page...
  • Overall, though, ironically, I find the site kind of hard to navigate

To do

Should take snapshots (with Internet Archive?) of each site, in case its design changes since I last reviewed it!

Article metadata

[Duplication (category)] with software projects database (each project in the list has an associated web site).

See also: Nice web sites

Nice web sites  edit   (Category  edit)

Nice project web sites  edit   (Category  edit)


Nice personal web sites

Nice personal web sites edit

Interesting interests...

utilitarienne - making it easy :: home

Nice flower image

Quite attractive looking. And a very interesting site.

He has a Top Posts section, ordered by PostRank, using [AideRSS (category)].

Error on call to Template:cite web: Parameter url must be specified. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Welcome, my name is Ilya Grigorik and for good or for worse, I’m the mastermind behind everything you’ve read on this blog. I am a tinkerer at heart, a hopeless digerati, and at times a designer. I received my BCS (Computer Science) degree from the University of Waterloo, and I’m currently studying at the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Lab) at the University of Toronto for my Masters. When not writing about Ruby, my professional interests revolve around the intersection of Machine Learning / Data Mining and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). My self-proclaimed job title is “Internet Engineer”, and this blog is a direct extension of this passion. In the process, I’ve started: AideRSS, Graphics World, ForteHost, and Club Atenza. I learn by doing, thoroughly enjoy the creative process, [...] ...

  • I do have four monitors on my desk.
  • I am a fan of Tablet PC’s – greatest gadget ever.
  • I do have a computer in my car. I built it myself.
  • I read at least a book a week, but my reading list does not want to budge. [?]

ads' corner

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum

What I like about it:

Categories are hierarchical:

  • The categories are hierarchical, and are displayed as a tree (fully expanded) in the sidebar!
    • Not only that, but for each category, there is a link to an RSS feed for that category.
    • Also is a checkbox by each, so you can view the union of several categories
    • Or just click on a single category and get a list of all posts that fall under that category
    • Root node is designated '/', as is expected for most cool geeks.

It's looking like that is actually a feature of the serendipity blog system, though, actually, rather than a feature unique to his site.

  • He has a tree of bookmarks as well (initially collapsed but fully loaded in the client; folders can be expanded client-side)


Good: Content "The Omer of Manna; the Bread wherewith He has fed me..."

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif Theocacao

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif

Very nice design, mostly due to all the nice icons and the generous use of drop shadows.

The featured article (every article??) has a large image/illustration with the headline, date, and tagline in it -- much like a print magazine would have.

Example article:

Filed under category "Mind", which is an icon. Under that, it has more specific topics (tags?), (Academics, Learning, Memory, Mental Case, Mind, software), which link to, etc.

Above the post date is an icon of a push-pin.

Instead of the usual "Blogroll" section, he calls the section "Highly Readable"...

Kinkless | Productive Creativity ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Kinkless is a website about simple tools and ideas that help us work, play and create. It is entirely the fault of Ethan Schoonover. Ethan is a photographer and geek based in Hong Kong. He’s fond of music. More about him here. "The Future of the Web"

Nice design.

I like how the main content area is framed by a nice dark-blue background...

I like how the title of the site is on two lines, one on the outer background and one on the inner background.

Info box about the author...

Jesse Skinner

  • Hire Me
  • About Me
  • Email Me
  • RSS Feed

Not for the design, but just for his funny introduction with lots of "here" links...

Welcome to the braindump of Patrick Lenz — software developer, author, and photographer. I blog here and here. I publish photos here and here. I work here and here. I use this, this and that. I drive this, this and that. I can be reached here. Rails Co ZA

I like how it has a box with a random quote in it. Each quote has tags, and you can click on any tag for more quotes with that tag.

Francois Paul has been developing web applications for years and is currently plerking as rails developer and world change enabler at Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a PhD student in the natural language processing group of the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. My advisor is Owen Rambow. I'm interested these days in the intersection of syntactic and network analyses of communication.

What you came for

You might want to read more about my research interests, or perhaps you're looking for some of my Mac OS X software.

There is also the remote possibility you want to read my blog musings, or my travel notes.

Article metadata

[Duplication (category)] with more specific, topical articles/lists, like Rails / Sources of information  edit (list of Rails blogs/sites, all of which are good or I wouldn't have bothered listing them!).


Article metadata

These records may want to be [cross-listed (category)] with Sources of information... How do I keep from duplicating them in both locations? I guess I will need to push each record out into ... its own record/page/article, so that it can be included from both locations!

Good web sites  edit   (Category  edit)

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