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This page is about whether the correct spelling of verbs such as "set up" is "set up" or "setup"...

The purpose of this page is to help stop the increasingly widespread incorrect usage of verbs, spelling them as one word when they should actually be written as two.



Incorrect Correct (verb) Correct (noun, adjective, etc.)
Click here to login. Click here to log in. Your login has expired.
Signup now! Sign up now Your sign-up information.
Setup your Set up your Your computer setup
Lookup people's contact information. Look up people's contact information. A look-up feature [?]
Just backup until you get back to step 1. Just back up until you get back to step 1. Regular backups are essential if you care at all about your data.
Speakup now or forever hold your peace. Speak up now or forever hold your peace. NA
Cleanup that mess, young man! Clean up that mess, young man! The environmental cleanup project is going forward as planned.
We hope you will showup. We hope you will show up. NA
I'm going to startup my computer. I'm going to start up my computer. The company is just a startup.
I'm going to shutdown my computer. I'm going to shut down my computer. Let me show you the proper shutdown procedure.
I'm going to powerdown my computer. I'm going to power down my computer. Let me show you the proper power-down procedure.
I still need to followup on that. I still need to follow up on that. I still need to do a followup.
Let me warmup first. Let me warm up first. We're going to do some warmup exercises now.
First we need to layout the different pieces. First we need to lay out the different pieces. This layout looks exceptional!
Fillin the information below. Fill in the information below. NA
I need to pickup my truck from the mechanic tomorrow.

I will pickup where you left off.

I need to pick up my truck from the mechanic tomorrow.

I will pick up where you left off.

My pickup truck.
We'll just have to workaround that limitation for now. We'll just have to work around that limitation for now. It's a workaround for the problem you've been experiencing.
I'll just climbup the ladder. I'll just climb up the ladder. NA
Hurryup, or you'll be late! Hurry up, or you'll be late! NA
We still need to catchup to the people in front of us! We still need to catch up to the people in front of us! Today will be a catch-up day.
We brokeup. We broke up. After the breakup...
I cryout to you for help. I cry out to you for help. NA
Let's go to the gym and workout! Let's go to the gym and work out! We got quite a workout there!
As we closeout this year... As we close out this year... They're having a closeout sale at Nordstrom's tomorrow.
As we reachout to others this year... As we reach out to others this year... We participated in some community outreach.
The fire fighters ably putout the fire. The fire fighters ably put out the fire. The output appeared on the screen.
I would just leaveout that last part of the paragraph. I would just leave out that last part of the paragraph. NA
I hope you don't feel leftout. I hope you don't feel left out. NA
Goto sleep. Go to sleep. NA
figureout figure out NA
find out find out NA
getup get up NA
wakeup wake up NA
Not verbs
Now, onto other things. Now, on to other things. Step onto the platform. more examples with onto
... tools that maybe utilized... [1] ... tools that may be utilized... Maybe you should utilize some tools...

What do other experts say?

A quick Google search for login "log in" two words verb reassured me that I'm not the only one concerned about this. There are many pages dedicated to correcting the mistaken ways of those who think "login" is a verb...

"Login" is not a verb ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. : This is my favorite. The title says it all; I could not have said it any better. And that is a great domain name too! I kind of wish I had beat them and registered it first! :)

That makes the "log in" idiom unusual, but far more plausible than pretending that we have an irregular verb "login" with something like "logdin" as a past ...

Grammar review: Verb+particle versus compound noun ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

This is a verb+particle combination and is treated as two words. .... The big question of course is; log on, logon, log in or login? :) ... Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Writing article: "logon" or "log on," setup" or "set up," and ... Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Garbl's Editorial Style Manual: K-L4 ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

login/log in, logon/log on, log off, log out Use one word as nouns, two words as verbs: Have you been told your login yet? She was told to log on to her ...

Login/Logout? Logon/Logoff? ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

No matter what the tech people tell you, the verb or command is two words: Log in; Sign in; Log on. If you then want to talk about the Login page, ...

UW-Madison Libraries Web Stylebook - UW-Madison Libraries8 ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

login, logon, log off (n.) But use as two words in verb form: I log in to my computer. long distance, long-distance. Always hyphenate in reference to ...

Suggestions for Improving Grammar on Site ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

... however, the verb is two words: "log in" or "log out. ... In other words, it would be correct to say that "I log in at the login page. ...

(To do: Do any printed dictionaries confirm this?)

The law of consistency (what does common sense say?)

Surely you must agree with some of the examples given above (you wouldn't write "Please fillin..." or "I'm going to warmup...", for example!). And if you agree with some of those examples, then I ask you to consider in what way the other examples are different.

I would suggest that they are not different—they are all simply [separable] verbs—and if you agree that any of them should be written as two words, then to be consistent you would have to concede that all of them should follow the same rule.

Sightings: Examples supporting the two-word convention for verbs

Here I will amass a convincing collection of usage examples, preferably from respectable software applications, high-profile web sites, or publishers, in the hopes that it might convince those who aren't yet so enlightened... Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Forum List | New Topic | Search | Register | User List | Log In Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

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Will I be able to Single Sign On with Yadis? ... ... Instead of having to sign up for yet another account, users can identify themselves by: Will I be able to Single Sign Off with Yadis? If I sign off from one member site, all the sites I have signed on including the home site will be logged off? Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

[...] Instead of giving a username and password to a login form, you just give it your URL. You're then directed to your "identity provider" to log in, and when it authenticates you, you go back to the site you were orignally [oops] trying to get into. Why this is good or bad, and what the actual implications of it are... well, that's all mostly outta scope as far as phpMyID is concerned. Suffice it to say, phpMyID acts as an "identity provider" so you can log in to OpenID enabled sites. [...] Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. (when logged in)

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"Programming Ruby: The Programmatic Programmer's Guide", page 257: "Callbacks are very easy to set up."

"Programming Ruby: The Programmatic Programmer's Guide", page 257: "Notice how the TkCheckButton is set up; ..."


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Main Page - Aptana

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Comparisons to other languages

In German, there are such (trennbar) verbs as these as well—many, many of them, in fact. And in German, there very strict and consistent rules about when the parts of the verb are separated and when they are not.

You would be considered very illiterate indeed, for example, if you were to write "Ich stimmezu" or "Ich zustimme" rather than "Ich stimme zu".

Sightings: Examples of people who are confused and aren't consistent

{ Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

... That's where Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) comes in! ... Lookup [incorrect] Customers Quickly and Accurately! ... Establish customer terms and credit limits, apply finance charges and run monthly statements, select tax-exempt status, and setup [incorrect] special customer pricing discounts right down to the product level. Because there's no limit to the number of separate billing, shipping, sold-to, and contact addresses that can be set up for a client, M.O.M. can manage your sales even for the largest business. ... When a customer requests a catalog, just check off the box for a mailing label and select the catalog to be sent. ... Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager gives you the ability to set-up [verb - incorrect] virtually any type of product with just a few clicks of your mouse... ... Warehouse Location: set up warehouse "bin" locations and assign picking preference. Establish special bins for returns, damaged or bulk storage. ... Whatever your pricing plan, M.O.M.'s incredibly powerful pricing table lets you set up any one or combination of parameters to automatically establish a price or discount for stock items under just about any special selling situations. ... It's not only easy to set-up [verb - incorrect] the matrix, it makes things easy for your order entry staff too! Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Just imagine having the ability to set up special pricing in unlimited multiples for an unlimited number of suppliers. You can even set up special "mix and match" pricing for a whole group of stock items that you purchase from a supplier. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

And, for business-to-business users, Mail Order Manager lets you set up specific terms for each customer. ... Setup [verb - incorrect] and report tax rates at the country, state and municipal level. ... Just setup [verb - incorrect] the account numbers in M.O.M.'s G/L maintenance screen and "post" the M.O.M. A/P and A/R Journals directly into your favorite PC accounting system. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Setup [verb - incorrect] "source keys" for each of your magazine, direct mailing, telemarketing, even internet campaigns. ... Setup commission and royalty rates based on gross, net or unit sales.

} Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

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{ Retrieved on 2008-06-03. (left sidebar)

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Spell "log in" / "sign up" correctly as verbs ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

I realize that "login" and "signup" are pretty common misspellings of those verbs (especially among technical people), but the fact remains that they are still MISspellings (unless you're actually using the word as a noun or adjective). I see that you did use the correct spelling in a few places, like ("Once your account is set up..."), so that at least is encouraging! Now to track down those last few remaining places that need correcting... :)

See for a site dedicated to correcting this pervasive misspelling. And here are a couple high-profile sites that spell these words correctly as examples, in case you're more impressed by precedent than the rules of grammar :) ...,,,,, ...


{ Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

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Help you set up a useful site structure and navigations system ... It likely will not be quite as easy to get a simple Drupal site set up as it is to get a simple Joomla site set up ...

But on the very same page also:

... may not be the best one for someone with no Plone experience who is looking to get a straightforward site set up quickly. Like Joomla, it is built in PHP, can be hosted in a basic shared hosting environment, and provides a number of tools to allow non-techies to setup [oops] a website. ... ... requiring a fair amount of understanding of Plone’s structure in order to setup [oops] a basic site, though documentation, books, and training classes are widely available. ... ... non-technical staff can be easily trained in how to update content once the site has been setup [oops]. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

New user? Register for an account to receive a password and log in [used as a noun -- incorrect]. Username or email [ ] Password [ ] Forgot your password? Remember me on this computer. [Login [verb -- incorrect]]

They used both forms (verb form and noun form), but they have them mixed up! How funny!

After you submit the register form, it gives this message [2]:

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  • To download CollabNet Subversion (RHEL Client), you must first be registered and logged in.

The e-mail they sent me was this:

Subject: Set up your password This is your account information for Your CollabNet username is: ... Before you can log into your account, you need to set your password by visiting this URL: Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

If you registered online last year, log in to your account (using link below) and you'll be able to re-register runners from last year. ... Login to your account and click the "Order History" link to make changes to runner information (just click the edit icon next to the runner's name). Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. (displayed after finishing opening an account)

If you choose not to print this page, make sure you write down your Customer Number. You'll need this and your Login [adjective] PIN to access your account whenever you log in [verb] or call us. ... Once you know the amount(s), go to and click on 'View My Account'. Login [verb -- incorrect] using your Customer Number and Login [adjective] PIN, click on the 'My Links' icon and then the word "Confirm."

Joomla_1.5.2-Stable-Full_Package.tar : INSTALL.php

Next you must login [incorrect] and set the access database rights ... 'password' is the password required to log in [correct] as the MySQL user ... You can log into Admin using the username 'admin' along with the password that was generated or you chose during the web based install. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

... Joomla has two main hierarchies for User Groups: one for access to the Front-end (so users can log in to [perfect!] the web site and view designated sections and pages) and one for Back-end Administration access. ... These Users are able to login [oops] to the Front-end web site. Additional information (sections and pages) may be available to a user once logged in. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. -- Here is a rare case where they confused things the other way: they incorrectly used "log in" for the noun (instead of the usual, which is to incorrectly use "login" for the verb):

As administration User Groups they have the access permission to log in to [perfect!] the web site as well as to the Administrator Back-end - via a separate log in [adjective -- incorrect] process. They can view all Content that is Classified as Registered Access, Public Access, as well as Special Access. Manager: The Manager User Group inherits the access permissions of the Publisher User Group in the Front-end of the web site and, in addition, its members are allowed access to the Administrator Back-end (Control Panel) via a separate log in [noun -- incorrect].

Sightings: Examples supporting the one-word convention

In the interest of objectivity, I will also keep a collection of examples to support the other [leaning]. If you can find any examples at all, though, most of them are probably from relatively illiterate, lazy, uninformed, or inconsistent people, or people that just don't give much thought to such insignificant things as spelling and grammar... well, individuals, I should say, because "people" as a whole don't write things.

My hypothesis is that in most of the cases where one finds a two-word-verb-written-as-one-word mistake, there will be another spelling or grammatical mistake nearby. (Other mistakes, if any, will be highlighted in the examples given below.) In general, I believe that works containing two-word-verb-written-as-one-word mistakes will contain more spelling and grammatical mistakes overall; in other words, I believe there is a statistically significant correlation between those two statistics; in other words, the one is an indicator of the other; in other words, ... there are no other words. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18. , after clicking the "Login..." button, it pops up with:

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When you visit [...], you'll be able to find information [...]; check stock quotes, maps, and news headlines; lookup phonebook listings for every city in the United States

Wow. Whoever wrote that (and I assume it was an individual who came up with that wording and not the corporation as a whole) must not have realized that the verb "look up" is two words rather than one.


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Section 3.4.4 lists tools, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), servers and middleware that maybe utilized while implementing in Java. ... In case of change requests, other roles defined in section 2.1 maybe needed. In case of change requests, other deliverables defined in section 2.2 maybe delivered. Bugzilla is used to register and followup the client change requests and requested features.

You can watch us setup a typical rails project

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Open source software isn’t written by an army of coders, with a back up army of testers, documenters, and “Dummies Guide” book authors. Rather, its code that fixed the author’s problem; and they were nice enough to flesh it out generically so you could use it. Or they were seeking fame and glory. ... If not, you’ll get version 0 when you do the checkout [correct] to tell you the project’s not hosted here. ... 3. Checkout the source ... Fill in [correct] details ... I personally use Google Groups for my projects – the project communities are all small enough such that its manageable. ... 1. Login or Create new Rubyforge account 3. Fill in details (each RubyForge Project can contain many sub-projects/gems - pick from Category drop-down) ... Make it really clear on your project website that patches are welcome and will be rewarded with free t-shirts and other complimentary items of stationary, and watch those patches roll in. Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

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Actually, they're an example of a site that can't make its mind, a site that is inconsistent!

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I like to use Facebook for my personal networking over MySpace just like I do like Konnects over Ning. Their communities ( are focused on professional use not just another place for people to hangout. Please Facebook stay focused and listen to your fans.

Why are people so ignorant/confused about the correct spelling of these verbs?

(Or, Why do people write it as one word?)

I think a lot of the blame should go to content creators and tech people -- software developers, web site maintainers, ... -- because:

  • They are the ones who label the log-in button as "login" instead of "log in", for example. So, since the users have to see and use systems with these spellings, they start to assume and believe that this is the correct spelling. They become accustomed to it and don't stop to ask whether that really is the correct spelling...
  • Commands and filenames are often written as one word for reasons of practicality, size limits, expedience, convenience, laziness, etc. For example, svn checkout. Even though the verb that that is executing is "check out this repository for me", the command you execute is "checkout". Since that's all people see -- and they type it on the command line over and over -- it is not too surprising that they should assume that's what the verb is too (even though it's not).

So I think a lot of it starts with technical people / content creators. Who then spread their misinformation via means of their products themselves, documentation, support forums, etc.

And then users get infected with the misinformation and help to perpetuate it. Until perhaps they themselves become developers / content creators someday and have an even more direct influence on the proliferation or anti-proliferation of that misinformation...

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