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[Challenges (category)]

Being a coder and a designer

To make a good site, you have to be both an expert coder and an expert graphic designer! That's a lot to expect!

Speaking for myself here, I'm only an expert coder, not a designer.

Or, I suppose you could make sure you have a friend that is good at whichever of those you're not good at -- and willing to lend a hand.

But it's not like one has the budget to hire a professional designer when you're just making a personal site!

Nice personal web sites

Nice personal web sites edit

Interesting interests...

utilitarienne - making it easy :: home

Nice flower image

Quite attractive looking. And a very interesting site.

He has a Top Posts section, ordered by PostRank, using [AideRSS (category)].

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Welcome, my name is Ilya Grigorik and for good or for worse, I’m the mastermind behind everything you’ve read on this blog. I am a tinkerer at heart, a hopeless digerati, and at times a designer. I received my BCS (Computer Science) degree from the University of Waterloo, and I’m currently studying at the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Lab) at the University of Toronto for my Masters. When not writing about Ruby, my professional interests revolve around the intersection of Machine Learning / Data Mining and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). My self-proclaimed job title is “Internet Engineer”, and this blog is a direct extension of this passion. In the process, I’ve started: AideRSS, Graphics World, ForteHost, and Club Atenza. I learn by doing, thoroughly enjoy the creative process, [...] ...

  • I do have four monitors on my desk.
  • I am a fan of Tablet PC’s – greatest gadget ever.
  • I do have a computer in my car. I built it myself.
  • I read at least a book a week, but my reading list does not want to budge. [?]

ads' corner

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum

What I like about it:

Categories are hierarchical:

  • The categories are hierarchical, and are displayed as a tree (fully expanded) in the sidebar!
    • Not only that, but for each category, there is a link to an RSS feed for that category.
    • Also is a checkbox by each, so you can view the union of several categories
    • Or just click on a single category and get a list of all posts that fall under that category
    • Root node is designated '/', as is expected for most cool geeks.

It's looking like that is actually a feature of the serendipity blog system, though, actually, rather than a feature unique to his site.

  • He has a tree of bookmarks as well (initially collapsed but fully loaded in the client; folders can be expanded client-side)


Good: Content "The Omer of Manna; the Bread wherewith He has fed me..."

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif Theocacao

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif

Very nice design, mostly due to all the nice icons and the generous use of drop shadows.

The featured article (every article??) has a large image/illustration with the headline, date, and tagline in it -- much like a print magazine would have.

Example article:

Filed under category "Mind", which is an icon. Under that, it has more specific topics (tags?), (Academics, Learning, Memory, Mental Case, Mind, software), which link to, etc.

Above the post date is an icon of a push-pin.

Instead of the usual "Blogroll" section, he calls the section "Highly Readable"...

Kinkless | Productive Creativity ( Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Kinkless is a website about simple tools and ideas that help us work, play and create. It is entirely the fault of Ethan Schoonover. Ethan is a photographer and geek based in Hong Kong. He’s fond of music. More about him here. "The Future of the Web"

Nice design.

I like how the main content area is framed by a nice dark-blue background...

I like how the title of the site is on two lines, one on the outer background and one on the inner background.

Info box about the author...

Jesse Skinner

  • Hire Me
  • About Me
  • Email Me
  • RSS Feed

Not for the design, but just for his funny introduction with lots of "here" links...

Welcome to the braindump of Patrick Lenz — software developer, author, and photographer. I blog here and here. I publish photos here and here. I work here and here. I use this, this and that. I drive this, this and that. I can be reached here. Rails Co ZA

I like how it has a box with a random quote in it. Each quote has tags, and you can click on any tag for more quotes with that tag.

Francois Paul has been developing web applications for years and is currently plerking as rails developer and world change enabler at Retrieved on 2007-05-11 11:18.

Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a PhD student in the natural language processing group of the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. My advisor is Owen Rambow. I'm interested these days in the intersection of syntactic and network analyses of communication.

What you came for

You might want to read more about my research interests, or perhaps you're looking for some of my Mac OS X software.

There is also the remote possibility you want to read my blog musings, or my travel notes.

Article metadata

[Duplication (category)] with more specific, topical articles/lists, like Rails / Sources of information  edit (list of Rails blogs/sites, all of which are good or I wouldn't have bothered listing them!).


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