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Data / instances of relationships

Relationships edit

[Taxonomy (category)] relations

Direction 1 Direction 2
Instance of / Is a Class of
Kind of Has kinds
Part of / Component of Contains / Has a / Has parts
Alias for Has aliases

Important miscellaneous relations

Is solution for / Has solution (Can be cross-project! A problem that is created in/exists in software A might never have a solution created for software A. Instead someone might create a brand-new program that doesn't even have that problem. But it could still be fun/useful to link that solution to the problem in the other program (which might have even inspired the existence of program B! ("I can't stand that problem, so I'm gonna write my own".).)

Not be confused with (symmetrical) (sort of like see also)

See also : Can only be used in the context of articles (not, for instance, categories: better to use child-parent relations for categories)



Aliases: Relationships database

Relations  edit   (Category  edit) This is not to be confused with Interpersonal relationships (category). This is a much broader, more general category than that. It is about relationships between any kind of object or thing.

Relationships  edit   (Category  edit) This has been deprecated by Interpersonal relationships (category) and Relations (category)

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