Source: Crosstalk: 2007-08-28: About politics

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The guest was from Vision America.

[So-called hate crimes laws (category)]

Had some good summary comments about the problems with the pending hate crime legislation in the Senate.


[Politics (category)]

Should we as Christians become involved in politics?

Yes, says our guest, we should.

There's too much apathy.

We can vote good people into office and we can vote bad ones out. (And we should.)

[2008 presidential candidates (category)]: Who should we vote for?

They mentioned several candidates who look like committed Christians (2 of them Roman Catholics)...

They talked about a ["values voters debate"] coming up in Florida. They have invited a bunch of candidates and were going to be asking them some key questions about issues that Christians in America care about. They hoped that out of this it would become clear to voters which candidate was the best choice and that we could all rally around him.

The guest talked about his hope that just like how God chose young, humble, unlikely-king-candidate David from his brothers, his hope is that God/we will choose a president by looking at his heart and not at his outward credentials, and we can have a "revival" in America...

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