Source: Crosstalk 2007-02-21: Christian Research Network

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Heard on Crosstalk 90.1 FM 2007-02-21 12:00

Host: Ingrid Schlueter
Guest: Ken Silva, John Cardwell and Paul Walker

Summary :

The main thrust of the program deals with the emergent church movement. Pastor Silva describes this movement as an emergent rebellion against the Bible as well as being a new liberal cult where liberal theology has been repainted.

The program highlights certain early warning signs that a church may be moving in the emergent direction. These include the concept of coming into the presence of God through silence, not wanting to allow God to grow your church, new terminology like "deconstruction" and "transformation", the denial of absolute truth, and the move back to certain Roman Catholic traditions.

These completely incorrect doctrines are walking right in the front doors of supposedly Christian churches. They don't even have to sneak it in. People don't even realize the danger of it. Shocking.

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