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... Jeremiah __ Romans __ Psalm 7:11 (NIV) [NKJV]

God is a just judge, And God is angry with the wicked every day

What's next? Are we headed towards having temple prostitutes in our churches again?

Article cited: by Ingrid Schlueter

Ingrid Schlueter. Elvis Impersonator Leads Sunday Morning Worship - CWN ( Retrieved on 2007-03-22 13:14.

A.W. Tozer once wrote that your worship will never rise higher than your view of God. If this is true, Spring Creek Church in Pewaukee, Wisconsin has a very, very low view of Almighty God. In fact, they apparently serve a god who is entertained by an Elvis impersonator in full regalia, leading the choir in “How Great Thou Art” on a Sunday morning. You can view this abomination on the church website here, 10 minutes into the video. The worship occasion? “Retro Sunday.” As the man who impersonated Elvis slithered all over the church “stage”, (yes, churches now have “stages”), it is fair to say that he really represents the purest example of the evangelicalism brought to us by Bill Hybels and [Rick Warren (category)]. The anthropology that has posed as theology in the “seeker-sensitive” churches of America has produced a generation of evangelicals who and don't even know it. Just as, today's professing Christians dance around their American idols, in this case a deceased Elvis the Pelvis, and sing their praises to what they call God. Anyone who can read the awesome scene in Revelation 5, however, and still let Elvis lead the worship, knows not the God of Scripture. The awesome sense of the holiness of God is gone from our churches. The fear of the Lord is likewise departed. God has become a creation of our own jaded and hedonistic minds. Most of all, the power of the Holy Ghost is gone from among us. That is why we must have Elvis impersonators. The Holy Spirit has left the building. Bored, sated, and so drunk with our own importance, we cannot set aside the profane and the unholy, even for an hour in the house of the Lord. While angels and archangels in heaven fall down before the throne of our thrice holy God, American Christians make a mockery of “How Great Thou Art” for cheap laughs on “Retro Sunday.” Worship here on earth was intended to be a foretaste of that great and eternal worship service in heaven. As the visible church here on earth joins in with the church triumphant in heaven, we join in that heavenly chorus of praise to the Lamb for sinners slain. What is filthy, what is unholy and what is an abomination to God must depart in His presence. God demands and deserves no less. Elvis died on a toilet, a gluttonous, obese, drug-addicted rock star who had lived a life in rebellion to God. Further, he led a nation of young people into moral rebellion through the spirit of the music he played. Unless he repented in the last moments of his drug-induced haze of a life, he is in eternal torment in hell [excuse her false doctrine here; she misunderstands what happens to the wicked when they die]. This is who Spring Creek's pastor chose to sing, “How Great Thou Art” in worship. The mockery of that scene will stay with me for a very long time. The spirit of anti-christ is alive and well in the evangelical church. It comes through the hearts of idolatrous pastors who long ago sold their souls to the gods of church growth. Not content to preach the full counsel of God and let God build their churches, these pastors seek temporal success and popularity and as the video proves, they will do anything to get it. Absolutely anything. And they are shameless. God has given these idolators over to their own way and that's why we have not yet seen the depths to which these churches will go to draw a crowd.

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