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10 Commandments2007-07-27: Installing Ubuntu
2007-10-03: The death of my mouse
2007-10-16: Installing Ubuntu and migrating from Windows2008 presidential election
9th Circuit Court of AppealsAbortion
Abortion / Should the government making laws forbidding it?Absolute truthAccounting
Acid 2ActionPack / RoutingActiveForm
ActiveRecordActiveRecord / Database schemas and migrationsActiveRecord / Dissecting a has many association
ActiveRecord / Dissecting a has many association / 1 - Manual dissection before I had automatic
ActiveRecord / Single table inheritanceActiveRecord / acts as list / position is set upon saving and does not get updated when you change to a different scope
Ad hoc table creationAdvanced MediaWikiAdvanced theology
Adventist ChurchAdventist singles resourcesAdventures in Odyssey
Aggregate web applicationsAideRSSAjax
Aliases/OutdoorsAll topics are containersAlternate or alternative
AmarokAmateur radioAmazing Discoveries
Ambiguities in EnglishAmbiguous responsibilityAmerica is headed in the wrong direction
America was founded on Christian valuesAmerican warmongeringAn Inconvenient Truth
Analysis of MediaWikiAnalysis of other open-source projectsAnalysis of successful project: Wikipedia
AnnoyancesAnnoyances about Walla Walla UniversityAnti-spanking laws
ApacheApologeticsApostrophe after name ending in s when forming the possessive
AppleApplications written in RubyArgument
Aspect-oriented programmingAspects
AsterixAttribute languageAttribution
Audio softwareAuditing systemAuthentication
Automatic conversion to wiki markupAutomatic memory managementAvoid abbreviations of Latin terms
BBBBabylon lives todayBackgrounDRb
Backup planBackup softwareBad ideas
Bad namesBalance
Balancing faith and actionBank of America
BanksBashBash / Parsing options
Becky Pipert 2007-03-03: "Witness by Way of the Cross"Best practicesBetterNestedSet
Between the LinesBeware of Rick Warren's Purpose-driven-life propagandaBias
Bible-related/Christian web sites
Bible study
Bibliki.orgBike gear
Black Hawk Down (2001)Blog software
BooBookmarkletsBookmarklets for MediaWiki
BooksBooks databaseBooks database / Mine
Books database / TheirsBowling for ColumbineBranching paragraph direction problem
Bud's Test Page
BugsBuilding Subversion 1.4.4Bulletin board software
Cached resources databaseCamping (web application framework)Can a domain be taken away from its owner by someone with a registered trademark?
Can we really hope to understand the Bible?Capistrano
CaptchaCategories databaseCell phone contracts
Cell phone providersCell phonesCensorship
Challenges for free softwareCharacter encoding
Cheat sheetChecklist for home visits
Christian lifeChristian resources
Chronological Bible
Code dissectionsCode searchCoding conventions
CollaborationCollaborative editing
College Place Real Estate/LoanCollege Place Real Estate/Other propertiesCollege Place Real Estate/Questions/Checklist
College Place real estateCollege place rentalsColonization
Come to JesusComic strips
Command completion for rakeCommercial open-source contradiction
Comparison of Escape class and String.shell escapeComparison of PostgreSQL and MySQLComparison of Windows and GNU/Linux
Comparison systemComputer Science colloquium ideas
Computer backupsComputer problems
Computer scienceComputersComputers / Current
Computers / GlenComputers / Old parts
Conspiracy theoriesConstitutionContacting elected officials
Contacting elected officials / Eastern WashingtonContent management software
Content management systemContent refactorings
Continuous integration systems
Continuous testing toolsContributions are welcomeConversation
Conversation threadsCookingCopying information from the Internet
CopyrightCopyright noticesCouncil for Secular Humanism
Creating multi-language web sitesCreation
CreativityCross-site scripting
Culture warCuriosity killed the cat
DNS lookups cached by FirefoxDSLs in Ruby
Daily time in Jesus' presenceDarrel TankData
DataHand keyboardData formatsData modeling
Data structuresData visualizationDatabases
Death to selfDecentralized information
Defeating digital rights management
DemocracyDependenciesDepression recovery
DiaDiagramming softwareDifference between BSD and GNU/Linux
DiffsDigital Restrictions ManagementDigital photography
Direct democracyDisappointed that you keep on failing?
Discrete mathematicsDiscussion forumsDisk layout
Dispute with Sprint 2007-09Distributed Ruby
Do I need extra study resources to understand the Bible?Doch
Doctrinal statementsDocumentationDoes God exist?
Does God love you?Domain name ideasDomain names
Domain registration is first-come, first-serveDomain squatting
Don't have enough timeDon't include www. in your web addressDon't repeat yourself
Donation-supported free web sitesDouble negativesDoubt
Downloading videos from veoh.comDragon NaturallySpeaking
Dragon NaturallySpeaking/Recognition mistakesDummypageDuplication
DvorakE-mailE-mail / Delivery confirmation
E-mail address obfuscationE-mail addresses harvestable by spammers
EBooksEasyTimeline testEditing Ruby code in vim
Editing textareas with an external text editorEducationElections
Embedded RubyEmotions database
English / Dangling prepositionsEnglish ambiguityEnglish conventions
Episode listsEqual but more special
Ergonomic ProductsEric LiddellEthics
Evil done by the U.S. governmentEvolutionExample of copyleft notice on wiki
ExamplesExamples of ReadmesExamples of correct usage of onto and on to
Examples of duplicationExamples of e-mail required noticeExamples of good user pages
Examples of good writingException Notifier pluginException handling
ExceptionsExpense-tracking systemExpense-tracking systems
Externalized costs
Ezra ZygmuntowiczFAQ examplesFTP
Fair use / Avoiding copyright infringementFaith
False beliefsFamilyFamily portal
FascismFascist America
Favorite games
Favorite moviesFavorite musicFavorite people
Favorite songsFeature to specify alternate words/phrasing
FileList and FileUtils.cd example
File organizationFile systems
Film: Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)Filterable media playerFinances
Finding a jobFirefoxFirefox / Extensions
Firefox / Keyboard shortcutsFirefox / ProblemsFirefox bloat
FlashFlash-card softwareFlavor words
Following MediaWiki developmentsFood
Food databaseFoods that people don't eatForking a project
Forum softwareFree and open-source software
Free and open-source software / Making money fromFree cultureFree inquiry
Free inquiry (secular humanism)Free marketFree rider problem
Free softwareFreedom
Freedom of connectionFreedom of pressFreedom of religious expression
Freedom of speechFreedom of thoughtFreedom to link
Freedom to peaceably assembleFriendsFullurl
Fun surveysFun wordsFunctional programming languages
Funny error messagesFutureGNOME
GNOME alternative to AmarokGNU/LinuxGNU/Linux / Audio and video
GNU/Linux / Burning CDs/DVDsGNU/Linux / Command lineGNU/Linux / Compiling 32-bit applications on 64-bit Linux
GNU/Linux / DesktopGNU/Linux / Desktop / Keyboard shortcuts
GNU/Linux / FeaturesGNU/Linux / File management
GNU/Linux / File system locationsGNU/Linux / Finding filesGNU/Linux / Hardware support
GNU/Linux / Hardware support / PrintersGNU/Linux / InstallingGNU/Linux / Name
GNU/Linux / NetworkingGNU/Linux / Partition schemeGNU/Linux / Playing Windows Media
GNU/Linux / Running 32-bit applications on 64-bit LinuxGNU/Linux / SoundGNU/Linux / Sources
GNU/Linux / Sources of informationGNU/Linux / Sources of softwareGNU/Linux / What's taking up all of my disk space?
GNU FDL licenseGadgetsGames
Geek humorGem server
Gem specificationGemsGems / How to install to your home directory
Gems or svn:externals?Gems or svn:externals? / QualitySmith syncGenealogy
GeneologyGeorge Müller
George W. Bush: 2001-11-10: Remarks by the President to United Nations General AssemblyGermanGetting DVD playback working on Ubuntu 7.10
Getting Facebook photo uploader applet working on 64-bit Ubuntu FirefoxGetting Flash to work in Firefox on 64-bit Ubuntu 7.10
Getting GRE Powerprep to work under WineGetting Things DoneGetting display driver / dual-monitor working right on Ubuntu 7.10
Gift certificatesGit
Global warmingGlobalismGmail
Gmail's spam filterGmail / How to contact Gmail support?God
God's WordGod changes people's lives aroundGod loves prostitutes
God uses sinnersGood GNU/Linux desktop softwareGood TV shows
Good Windows softwareGood clean movieGood documentaries
Good explanationsGood ideas I've had that other people have beat me in implementingGood logos
Good moviesGood namesGood news
Good titlesGoogle
Google AnalyticsGoogle BaseGoogle Groups
Google is not openGovernmentGovernment-sponsored terrorism
Graphic designGraphics softwareGraphviz (MediaWiki extension)
GrepGun ownershipH.R. 1592
HTML e-mail
HackerHacking Pandion
HalloweenHandling library dependencies in RubyHardware recommendations
Harold Burden 2007-01-13: "The God who heals"Harry PotterHashes
HaskellHaving an article title with a different number than its associated category
HaystackHe who comes first winsHeading styles
HolidaysHolocaustHomosexual agenda
HostingHow I installed N on 64-bit Linux
How I installed vim 7.0 on CentOS 4How I installed zsnes on 64-bit LinuxHow I moved my code repository to Google Code
How I put my customized MediaWiki installation under version control and started using vendor dropsHow Revolution Health Group does Rails development
How can I effect positive change in society?How can nonhomogenous files/data be organized together?
How do I add style formatting within a pre tag?
How important is correct doctrine?How not to make money with open-source software
How should Christians hope to get married?How to add custom icons to edit toolbar (MediaWiki)How to configure MediaWiki
How to convert a iTunes-only podcast link into a usable RSS podcastHow to create a gemHow to display links
How to extend Subversion with RubyHow to keep cables from becoming a clutter
How to migrate a table from ActsAsTree to ActsAsNestedSetHow to persuade
How to prayHow to season a wokHow to set up you@yourdomain.com as your e-mail address
How to start a businessHow to study the BibleHow to study the Bible/Let the Bible interpret itself
How to study the Bible/Understand the contextHow to treat homosexualsHow to use Scaffolding Extensions as a generator
How to use irb as a shellHttpHumor
Hyperlinks databaseI'm strange
ITunes on LinuxIdeaIdea cross-pollination
ImpeachmentIn-browser wysiwig editingIn the light
Inbox overloadIncarnation of JesusIncome tax
Information acquisition and organizationInformation management system
Information organization
Information overloadInformation wants to be free
Installing 64-bit Java plugin for Firefox in UbuntuInstalling SourceGear DiffMergeInstalling Ubuntu
Installing on Linux / Brother MFC-420CNInstalling on Linux / HP LaserJet 1018Instances of demon possession
Instances of selfless loveIntegrated development environmentsIntellectual property
Intellectual property issues in softwareIntelligent designInteresting
InterestsInterpersonal relationships
Is Ruby on Rails for you?
Is there a difference between micro- and macro-evolution?Is there life on other planets?Islam
IsraelIssue tracking
Issue tracking softwareIt is better to ask forgiveness than to beg permissionIt should be legal to...
Jehovah-jirehJesus is coming back!Jifty
JobsJohn Lennon
JokesJournal databaseJournaling
Keeping one's life balancedKeith GreenKnowing God's will
Knowing how much time I have until the alarm goes off makes it harder to sleepKnowledgeLGPL
Learning from our mistakes
Legal contractLegislation to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientationLending
LiesLies and coverups by the U.S. government
Line endingsLink rot
Link templatesLinux-powered
Linux on USB driveLists of charactersLobbying
LuceneMIT license
MSpaceMac OS X
Mailing lists
MakeMaking a difference
Many iterations result in a superior productMap applications
MarkdownMarkup languagesMarriage protection amendment
MartyrsMary is not our mediator to GodMary the mother of Jesus
Matching systems
MediaWiki / DatabaseMediaWiki / ExtensionsMediaWiki / Installation of Semantic MediaWiki 0.7
MediaWiki / Spam prevention
MediaWiki / Syntax highlightingMediaWiki / Upgrade to 1.10.0MediaWiki bugs and solutions
MediaWiki diff and blamemap extension
MediaWiki templatesMediaWiki to do
MediaWiki to do workflowMediaWiki toolsMeeting with Ezra 2007-01-12
MicrosoftMigrating a SQLite database to MySQLMigrating from Windows to GNU/Linux
Mike HuckabeeMisinformation
Mod rewriteMormonism
Morse codeMost significant information first
MoviesMovies / To doMovies I haven't seen yet
Movies databaseMozilla Public License
MudslingingMusculoskeletal health
Musculoskeletal health data gathererMusicMusic / Sources
Music softwareMyLifeMySQL
MySpaceMy GNU/Linux systemMy GNU/Linux system / Crashes
My computer
My databasesMy domain names
My libraryMy software projects
Myth: You can't/shouldn't legislate moralityNADDName collisions
Name squattingNamesNamespacing vs. subclassing
Naming conventionsNaming conventions / When to use namespace/context disambiguation in a titleNancy Pelosi
National ID cardNatureNeeding a name before you start a project
Net10 disabling features of phoneNet neutrality
NetworksNew World OrderNice bios
Nice personal web sitesNice project web sitesNice web sites
Nigel David 2007-02-03: "The Pursuit of Happiness"NitroNon-italic type set within italic type is hard to notice
NonviolenceNonviolent, vegetarian carnivoresNorth American Union
Not a blogNutritionOPML
Object-relational mappingOffline editingOkay movies
One word or two?Online communitiesOnline identity
Open-source cell phonesOpen-source licenses
Open-source licenses / ComparisonsOpen-source software
OpenIDOpenWFEruOpen content
Open problemsOpen questionsOperating systems
Operation: Information UnderloadOpposition to copyrightOrganizing
Organizing e-mail inboxOrganizing informationOrigins
Origins / SourcesOther moviesOutdoors
Outdoors/Hiking/Biking near Walla WallaOutsourcingOverpriced
PDAsPHPPHP / Relative requires
PackagingPad ThaiPaginator gem
ParkourParts of speechPassword management
PatchesPatent reform
Peer to Patent ProjectPerformance
PerlPermanent residentPersonal web sites
Philip SamaanPhilosophy
Photo organizerPhotographyPhotos
Photos databasePhysical media databasePicturesque verbiage
Piggy BankPistonPlagiarism
Plan for acquiring Christian resourcesPliable table schemas
PodcastsPole workstation
Political bias of Stephen ColbertPolitical commentary
Political polarizationPolitical web applicationsPolitics
Politics / SourcesPopularity perpetuation
Portable digital recorderPortable media playerPortmanteau
PostgresqlPrayerPrayer journal
Pretty designsPreventing users from doing stupid stuffPrimary category
PrinciplesPrivacyPrivate:Domain name ideas
Problem: Accessing data remotelyProblem: Gem's version of require rescues all LoadErrors, and can cause files to be loaded twice
Problem: Posting a question/comment and not knowing when/if you've received a replyProblem: Proprietary formats
Problem: Rails apps depending on gemsProblem: Text editors aren't embeddable/integrable enoughProblem: ffmpeg/vlc can no longer encode using MPEG AAC Audio after upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04
Problem solvingProblemsProblems database
ProductivityProducts databaseProgramming
Programming language comparisonProgramming languagesProgramming languages / Sources of information
Programming problemsProject hostingProject management
ProjectsProjects/Animal comparison
Proprietary formatsPrototypePs
PseudonymsPublic journalPunctuation at the end of a sentence within a quote
PythonQualitySmith humorQuestions
Questions about GodQuestions about MediaWiki
Questions people ask meQuote:It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in errorQuote extensively
QuotesQuotes database
RC planesRDocREST

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