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Extending Subversion with Ruby  edit   (Category  edit)


RSCM - Ruby Source Control Management

RSCM - Ruby Source Control Management is to SCM what DBI/JDBC/ODBC are to databases - an SCM-independent API for accessing a wide variety of SCMs.


SubActive aims to be a Ruby Subversion integration layer building a high level abstraction and query facility by providing hooks for Subversion server-side events, indexing of metadata and content, and client-side API to richly navigate the repository.

vcs: A Version Control System wrapper

Version control systems (Subversion, CVS...), however useful, are not very extensible: adding new features can be cumbersome, especially if you want them for different such systems at once. Vcs provide a simple dynamic hierarchy for these systems.


ActiveSubversion provides an object representation of a SVN repository. Local caching and other performance enhancements are handled automatically.

Subversion Automation

Subversion Automation is a wrapper around Subversion that automates and standardizes branching and merging. The primary goal of the project is to simplify the more complex features of Subversion and therefore encouraging their use.


A Ruby utility that uses Subversion to manage local copies of upstream vendor branches.

SvnLog 1.0

A package that provides full-text search of a Subversion commit log. Uses Ferret for indexing.

lazysvn 0.1.3

a wrapper to svn calls

Subversion Interface, Unplugged 0.0

Comprehensive, Rubyful interface to Subversion (someday).

SVNR - Subversion Updater 0.0

A Ruby gem created to add and remove files from a subversion directory in batch mode.

Subversion  edit   (Category  edit)

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