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Shuttleworth reckons that the cloud is here to stay. "There will be a crisis of confidence where a 100 start-ups will go bust, and everyone will think that was a bad idea," he said. "But, to a certain extent, we are already living in that cloud world. For me, I can lose my laptop and be pissed off but not devastated. The things most important to me are intrinsically backed up - stuff like e-mail and photos."

Why is it, then, that I still feel uneasy about the cloud and don't [implicitly] trust the cloud enough to store the primary copy of all my important documents (like e-mail and photos) on it? Am I just stuck in old world? Personally, I feel more comfortable having my primary copy on my local computer and having my backup copy be the one that is remote (or "in the cloud" if that is the new way to say such things)...

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