WWC Collegian: 2007-04-18: School of Engineering Receives $500,000 Grant

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Jamey Long (2007-04-18). School of Engineering Receives $500,000 Grant (http://collegian.wwc.edu/Local-News/school-of-engineering-receives-500000-grant). Retrieved on 2007-04-22 23:53.

By Jamey Long 04/18/07 [Contributing Writer] The month of February proved to be the harbinger of an even more electrifying future for WWC’s very own Edward F. Cross School of Engineering. Thanks to the Bashir Hasso Memorial Fund, the department is the recipient of a $500,000 grant. [Engineering (category)] professor Don Riley understandingly is thrilled by the prospect of having free reign over half a million dollars. Technically the spending decisions aren’t completely autonomous to Professor Riley, and the money has already been allocated toward buying much-needed equipment for several different projects, including a $30,000 Rheometer (which is used to characterize fluids, in case you forgot), a $30-50,000 Rapid Prototyping Machine—which is just a fancy term for a 3D printer—which will be able to actually print functional parts out of plastic rather than metal. The grant will also be used to purchase a $50-100,000 Gantry Crane needed to finish the still incomplete structural engineering lab in Kretschmar. Various other equipment, such as a computer-controlled lathe will also be purchased for the manufacturing labs. In essence, this grant has enabled the department to, as Prof. Riley says, “procure equipment we have been waiting to buy for the last 7-10 years.” The reality of the situation is that this grant will allow the School of Engineering to finally bring to fruition multiple long-term goals, making the School as a whole even more cutting-edge than they already are. Might there be an extra $30-40,000 floating around to pay off any student loans? Please?

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