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The de facto home for Ruby projects. I recommend you add it there so that your project is findable, even if you plan on doing most of your hosting elsewhere...

Google Code

Google Code - Project Hosting


They try to simplify everything, which can be good in some ways, but it limits your flexibility.

  • They only give you about 5 license choices. If you want to use one that's on the list? I don't know, maybe just choose the closest one, and make sure it's clear in all your documentation that you're actually distributing it under a different license?


"New project? You can reset your repository so that you can use svnsync to upload existing code history" -- can't do that with RubyForge that I'm aware of...

Lets you use a different, less-secure password for Subversion access

Subversion hosting


Name Price Anonymous access Developer access Browsable via Web? Can import via svnsync? Can dump repository? Quote / Limit? Other
RubyForge style="background: #DDFFDD" free for open-source svn: svn+ssh: (allows public key auth) ViewVC style="background: #FFBBBB" No. Not that I know of...
Google Code style="background: #DDFFDD" free for open-source http: https: Yes, straight from Subversion style="background: #DDFFDD" Yes. Not that I know of... 100 MB / project Trunk is searchable.
DevjaVu style="background: #DDFFDD" free for any project Beta style="background: #DDFFDD" free for any project Beta
DreamHost Included with hosting package

Dumping / exporting

Once you've got your data into their system, is there any way to get it out? For example, if you wanted to switch to another Subversion hosting provider...

Ideally you'd be able to create a dump at any time (svnadmin dump). But no service that I know of allows that...

Fortunately, I think it's possible to do an svnsync from any repository that you can access, into your own local repository... So "all you'd have to do" (in quotes because it would be quite time-consuming and quite a pain) is svnsync to a new repository on your own server, and then svnadmin dump that local repository...

Current preference

I think I like Google Code's Subversion hosting best of all the ones I've tried...


Doesn't allow svnsync (as of 2007-06-18 09:24)

> svnsync init svn+ssh:// file:///var/www/svn/code-copy/
svnsync: Repository has not been enabled to accept revision propchanges;
ask the administrator to create a pre-revprop-change hook


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