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[Development tools (category)]

See also: Ruby_libraries#Development_.2F_Project_maintenance

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif AnnotateModels

Source code: http://svn.pragprog.com/Public/plugins/annotate_models/


Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/tyrant/

Description: Provides a convenient way to run Rails applications without each user needing a development environment. Tyrant itself is a Rails application with the ability to run multiple Mongrel processes for each user-configured project.

Readiness: 3 - Alpha, This Project Has Not Released Any Files — Tyler (2007-03-23 18:02)

Rails Editor

Categories/Tags: Software Development , Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/rails-editor/

Description: This is a little package that creates a ./script/editor functionality for a ruby on rails tree. This enables a console IDE utilizing screen and vim which makes editing rails on a console fairly painless.

Environment: Console (Text Based) (screen and [vim (category)])
Readiness: 4 - Beta

[Application starter] Rapid Rails Setup

Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/rrs-gem/

Description: Tired of performing the same old steps every time you create a new Rails project? With RRS (Rapid Rails Setup) Gem you can have the computer take care of the creation for you.

Readiness: Registered: 2007-02-09 13:20, This Project Has Not Released Any Files 2007-03-23 17:19

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif Command completion for rake

Command completion for rake

[Development tools (category)]: Subversion / Tools for dealing with Subversion repositories

http://svn.tylerrick.com/rails_shared/svnrails.rb (based on [1])

http://svn.tylerrick.com/rails_shared/tasks/subversion.rake (based on [2])


  • Adds all files
  • Ignores files in tmp/ and log/
  • Creates a sample database.yml and ignores the original
  • Sets permissions for log/ and public/dispatch.*
  • Tells subversion which files should be executable

[Development tools (category)]: Database

MySQL Tasks


Some rake tasks to automate common database tasks (create/destroy & backup/restore).

rake db:mysql:create # Create database (using database.yml config)
rake db:mysql:destroy # Destroy database (using database.yml config)
rake db:mysql:backup # Dump schema and data to an SQL file (/db/backup_YYYY_MM_DD.sql)
rake db:mysql:restore # Load schema and data from an SQL file (/db/restore.sql)


  • I wrote some similar tasks for "shared rake tasks" — Tyler (2007-03-08 15:27)

[Development tools (category)]: Deployment


Capistrano  edit   (Category  edit)


Description: Fossilize is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that allow developers pack their applications as Gems and distribute them, offering end-users simple tools for installation, upgrade and configuration. Allow creation of instances to reduce code duplication.

Readiness: Registered: 2006-08-15, This Project Has Not Released Any Files 2007-03-23 18:53

[Development tools (category)]: [Testing (category)]

See Rails / Testing

[Development tools (category)]/[Post-deployment (category)]: Logging


See Rails / Performance

star_full.gif star_full.gif star_empty.gif Browser Logger

Homepage: http://revolutiononrails.blogspot.com/2007/01/stop-tailing-your-logs.html (blog)
Source code: svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/browser-logger
Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/browser-logger/
As listed in other directories: http://rubyfurnace.com/plugins/browser_logger
Description: Appends just this request's logs to the end of the response. It’s a little more convenient than tailing a log, especially when you’re not logged in. For now, it’s ‘always on.’ Feel free to modify init.rb to incorporate whatever on/off switch you want.


You'll get all the database logs as well, complete with rudimentary color coding and JS filtering. This will always gather ALL logging actions, regardless of configured log level--helpful when you're in prod mode and want to debug a request without changing the log level and bouncing. Usage: Fire up your rails app, make a request with log! or logs! appended as a query param.

Rails Log Visualizer

Homepage: http://railslogvislzr.rubyforge.org/
Source code: svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/railslogvislzr
Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/railslogvislzr/

Description: The RailsLogVisualizer provides you with a visual way to explore your Ruby on Rails production.log and find out how your application is really used.

Environment: Mac desktop
Authors: Daniel Wanja


Load one of your log files

Note: loading a 10Mb production log file with 30000 requests takes about 2 seconds on my MacBook Pro. loading a 250Mb production log file with 530000 requests takes about 20 seconds. loading a 4.5Gb production log file with 11 million request takes about 10 minutes.

Analyzing your log file data

Once the log file is loaded you will see a breakdown of your requests by year, month, and day. Click on the year, month, or day to see the controllers invocations during that period. Click on the controller in the chart to see the method invocations during the selected period. The method are further broken down based on their http methods (get, post, delete, ...).

ResponseLogger (RJS)

Homepage: http://blog.teksol.info/pages/response-logger
Source code: svn://svn.teksol.info/svn/rails/plugins/response-logger

As listed in other directories: http://rubyfurnace.com/plugins/responselogger
Description: Logs the response (generated JavaScript) returned by your RJS actions.

Authors: François Beausoleil

Sample [3]:

===> text/javascript (49 bytes)
Element.replace('target', 'It works!');

[Development tools (category)]/[Post-deployment (category)]: Debugging / Error handling


Homepage: http://validaterequest.rubyforge.org/
Source code: svn://rubyforge.org//var/svn/validaterequest/plugins/validate_request
Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/validaterequest/
As listed in other directories: http://rubyfurnace.com/plugins/validate_request


This plugin allows you to specify and check the method and parameters that are used to call your actions. [...] The problem is that if someone visits the url ’/kitten/show’ or /kitten/show/blech’, an exception will be thrown. Furthermore, if someone visits the URL ’/kitten/show/5&this_kitten=sucks’, your application will be none the wiser. Nothing will break, but sometimes you’d like to know about these things, for instance to detect when you have a typo in a GET argument that’s originating in another part of your application.

class KittenController < ActionController::Base
  def show
    validate_request(:get, :id => :integer) or return
    @kitten = Kitten.find(params[:id])

The validate_request method will now verify that incoming requests are via the GET method, and that they contain one argument called ‘id’ whose value is an integer. If any of these conditions aren’t true, the requester is redirected to the site’s home page (configurable, of course), and flash[:error] is set with a polite message (also configurable).

star_full.gif star_empty.gif star_empty.gif RailsRemoteControl


Rails Remote Control allows you to attach to running Rails processes using DRb and change the log level without restarts. Also, view actions handled per process.

Exception Notifier

See Exception Notifier plugin

[Development tools (category)]/[Post-deployment (category)]: Performance monitoring/improvements / profiling / benchmarking

See Rails / Performance

[Localization (category)]


Project/Development: http://rubyforge.org/projects/l10n-simplified/
As listed in other directories: http://rubyfurnace.com/plugins/localization_simplified

Authors: Jesper Rønn-Jensen


Fast and easy localization of one-language applications. Adds UTF-8 support for Ruby + database. Modifies ActiveRecord errors + html error helpers, Date/Time helpers, locale time formats, to_currency, to_sentence



Rails plugin to help you localize your rails app using Gettext, it doesn't try to cover localization, internationalization of models [?]. It should work with Rails 1.1.6 and has been tested with the following.
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