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Arguable whether really topics of software development or just software


Question: Should I continue with this project or join the efforts at coderwiki or similar??



A company that lists all of its employees on its web site??


Mapping Objects to Relational Databases: O/R Mapping In Detail

Aspect-oriented programming

Discussion Fork JavaScript library launch

I like the Yahoo! UI library. Of the JavaScript libraries I've used it has the best API. The YUI library has many valuable nuggets of information about browser bugs and workarounds. The code approach of YUI suits browser scripting well. However there are more than a few places in the code where I'm left scratching my head and thinking "why did they do that?" Maybe that is how every developer looks at another developers code. The YUI API is the starting point for much of the Fork API.

Most libraries seem to develop too quickly. API's are fixed from the first alpha version and code is not allowed to morph for the early part of it's life. I like the general debian attitude of careful growth because the browser execution environment is wildly varied and deserves a certain degree of conservatism in the JavaScript we send to it.

Most JavaScript libraries settle for "good enough" and don't seem to aspire to the high level of quality to which the Fork library aspires. By keeping an eye on other JavaScript libraries the good parts can be brought into the Fork code.

Code snippets

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